Monitor your services, using ‘Uptime Kuma’

‘Uptime Kuma’ is a self-hosted, open-source, fancy uptime monitoring, and alerting system. It can monitor HTTP/HTTPS with keywords, TCP, Ping, and even DNS systems! Uptime Kuma is a feature-rich yet simple but very handy tool for those, who are managing a lot of systems and worried about those uptime/downtime.
Its Notifications works via Webhook, Telegram, Discord, Gotify, Slack, Pushover, Email (SMTP) and many more. Monitoring may trigger as low as 20 seconds interval.

‘Uptime Kuma’ Feature List

  • Monitoring uptime for HTTP(s) / TCP / HTTP(s) Keyword / Ping / DNS Record / Push / Steam Game Server
  • Fancy, reactive, fast UI/UX
  • 20 second intervals
  • Multi languages
  • Simple status page
  • Ping chart
  • Certificate info

How to install?

Docker approach:

# Install Docker CE

docker volume create uptime-kuma

docker run -d --restart=always -p 3001:3001 -v uptime-kuma:/app/data --name uptime-kuma louislam/uptime-kuma:1
Non-docker approach:

# Install nodejs and npm

git clone
cd uptime-kuma
npm run setup

# Option 1. Try it
npm run start-server

# (Recommended) 
# Option 2. Run in background using PM2
# Install PM2 if you don't have: npm install pm2 -g
pm2 start npm --name uptime-kuma -- run start-server

# Listen to different port or hostname
pm2 start npm --name uptime-kuma -- run start-server -- --port=80 --hostname=


For both approaches, allow port 3001 from your OS firewall

Project Details:

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