How to Configure Notification for Uptime KUMA

Step 1 #

  • create a bot
  • obtain its token and ChatID using botfather
  • configure Kuma to send to it. (you can test and see the notification on telegram)

Step 2 #

We can send message to individual or groups. In both cases we need either ChatID or GroupID

Here are the steps to get the GroupID

1. Add the bot to the group. Go to the group, click on group name, click on Add members, in the search box search for your bot like this: “@my_bot”, select your bot and click add. Then make the bot admin

2. Send a dummy message to the bot. You can use this example: /my_id @my_bot (I tried a few messages, not all the messages work. The example above works fine. Maybe the message should start with /)

3. Go to following URL: replace XXX:YYYY with your bot token

4. Look for “chat”:{“id”:-zzzzzzzzzz, -zzzzzzzzzz is your chat id (with the negative sign).

5. Testing: You can test sending a message to the group with a curl: curl -X POST “” -d “chat_id=-zzzzzzzzzz&text=my sample text”

Do you have Uptime kuma installed to test this notification! If not yet, then this video is for you.